Drogheda United steward rubs manager’s head – and gets death stare

Kinsella was in no mood for a laugh as he witnessed his 10-man Drogheda side lose 6-0 to Dundalk in the local Louth derby.

It’s a fixture which Dundalk have dominated over the years, and the match on Friday at United Park was no different.

Kinsella’s frustration certainly wasn’t helped when a steward behind him bizarrely decided to give the former Charlton midfielder a pat on the head. As Kinsella turned around, the unperturbed perpetrator merely gave him a thumbs up.

Watch on loop, and enjoy.

So you’re a steward at a game, you have to be vigilant & make sure nothing’s out of place,that includes Mark Kinsellas hair@DroghedaUnited pic.twitter.com/oSPBDJRhw4

— James O’Toole (@JamesOToole18) June 18, 2017