Langone to Trump: It’s great to honor job-saving promises, but US is not a managed economy

Republican billionaire businessman Ken Langone told CNBC on Friday that Donald Trump should not make a habit of pressuring companies to keep jobs in the United States.

“Trump has to understand, and he will no doubt about it, … we don’t have a managed economy. We don’t say to companies you can’t go and you won’t go. That’s scary,” the co-founder of Home Depot said Friday on “Squawk Box.”

Trump on Thursday traveled to Indiana to tout the deal he helped cut to keep a United Technologies-owned Carrier plant in Indianapolis open, preventing about 1,100 jobs from going to Mexico.

“He took a little situation, a thousand jobs, and he made it a symbolism of honoring his word,” Langone said. “I hope we don’t take any more out of that yesterday than that.”

Langone said he was encouraged that Trump is not going to forget about the promises and issues he focused on during the campaign that got him elected president.

Before endorsing Trump, Langone first supported New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and then Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the Republican race.