Super Bowl: Fox’s Streaming Drops During Fourth Quarter

Viewers using Fox Sports’ online streaming service to watch Super Bowl 51 missed part of the big game on Sunday when the service went down.

Fox Sports Go, a free streaming service available online or through an app, is airing the Super Bowl live, but football fans posted their dismay on Twitter after the stream dropped during the tumultuous fourth quarter of the game.

“We’re aware of the streaming issue, and it’s been resolved. Please close and reopen the stream to get back to the game,” Fox Sports Go Help posted on its official Twitter account. But many users replied to the tweet saying they were still unable to access the live stream.

We're aware of the streaming issue, and it's been resolved. Please close and reopen the stream to get back to the game.

— FOX Sports GO Help (@FOXSportsGOHelp) February 6, 2017

A representative for Fox Sports told EW that the network is “currently investigating the cause.”

See some tweets from unhappy football fans below.

where'd you go, @FOXSports go?#SB51 was streaming live and now

— jen (@jenniferfraser) February 6, 2017

Yo, @FOXSportsGOHelp can y'all fix the stream of the #SUPERBOWL or…?

— Andrea Manzano (@andreaml91) February 6, 2017

@FOXSportsGOHelp this is all I can see …

— Tim Mathis (@beetraps) February 6, 2017

@FOXSportsGOHelp No more live stream. IM IN THE DARK. Help me Tom Brady. #SuperBowl

— Liam Beechinor (@beechinor_) February 6, 2017

@FOXSportsGOHelp this for the past 10 minutes

— Jay Miller (@kjaymiller) February 6, 2017

Um, anyone having their app crap out? My speed is great. Step it up Fox. This is infuriating.. @FOXSportsGOHelp @FOXSports #SuperBowl

— awyattparker (@awyattparker) February 6, 2017

Welp fox sports went down so now I'm just staring at nothing but disappointment. Falcons better keep it up n win 👹

— Kate (@KaitlinWitcher) February 6, 2017

When the Fox Sports go stream dies so you watch the rest of the game in Español

— Curtis Manlapig (@curtismanlapig) February 6, 2017

@FOXSports app crashing during the Super Bowl is a reminder that the future is not now

— Carson (@the_cuhr) February 6, 2017