Toddler and his labradoodle are the most adorable duo to ever exist

These are the cutest best friends you’ll ever see.

Two-year-old foster child Buddy and his Labradoodle best friend, Reagan, were pals from the moment they met.

Image: Sandi Swiridoff

“My daughter was fostering two boys, ages two and five,” Sandi Swiridoff, Buddy’s grandmother told Mashable, “When the time came for them to move to a forever family my heart ached at the thought of no longer being involved in their lives.”

“I needed something to focus on, to pour love and attention into,” she continued, “[adopting] Reagan the dog did just that.”

Image: Sandi Swiridoff

“Reagan and Buddy were both 11 months old when Buddy he came into our lives,” Swiridoff said, “My daughter and her husband have been fostering him just shy of two years now.”

Both turning three in February 2017, the pair does everything together. 

Image: Sandi Swiridoff

“Reagan gets SO excited when Little Buddy comes over — his whole backside wags, not just his tail,” the proud grandmother gushed.

“They play, cuddle, steal each other’s toys, read, sip lattes (almond milk, no coffee)… and just love to BE together.”

Image: Sandi Swiridoff

The lovable duo’s friendship is so strong, in fact, that Swiridoff is writing a book about it.

“It’s been a dream of mine to tell their story,” she happily revealed, “I can’t keep all the adorableness to myself.”

Image: Sandi Swiridoff

Reagandoodle and Little Buddy – The true story of a Labradoodle and his toddler best friend is written from Reagan’s perspective, and chronicles the pair’s silly antics with some never-before-seen-photos. 

Proceeds from the book will go to Foster Parent’s Night Out, an organization that “provides a much needed break for foster parents, and a rousing fun time for foster children,” Swiridoff says.

Image: Sandi Swiridoff

Though the book doesn’t yet have a release date, it will be sold on Etsy when complete. 

In the meantime, you can purchase a 2017 Reagandoodle calendar, with proceeds going to, an organization helping foster children “get the Christmas gift of their dreams,” and again to FPNO. 

Has there ever been a more adorable twosome? We think definitely not.

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